Saturday, I spend the day together with some friends at Maastricht. We had a very nice, guided walk through the historic city centre, took the boat to make a tour on the Maas, visited the caves, and had a beer on a nice square before taking the train home in the evening.

One of the most challenging moments was the guided tour in the caves which was in Dutch only. Our Dutch friend who was with us was friendly asked not to translate since he was whispering to loud. The Italians, Spanish and French who were with us were rather lost during the tour – at least translation wise.

I think it were less my time and efforts put into the apprentice of the Dutch language during the last three month than more the closeness of the Dutch and the German language that allowed me to understand like 60% of the tour – especially about the bats (Vleermuis).

Here some impressions from this very nice, warm and sunny day:

City Hall


Painting in the caves

Oldest Church

The Maas in the evening light



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