After my first experience of organising a party for approximately 600 people, there are some interesting facts to be remembered in the future:

  • Look at your shoes and do not breath until the treasurer is chosen – advise from our treasurer
  • Be very, very flexible about venue, time, people but not about the weather – for an outdoor party the weather has to be good. We were so f***ing lucky; it rained in Brussels basically the last 4 weeks and on the only beautiful weekend – our party!
  • Stay calm, don’t loose your temper whatever is going to happen, and don’t call a German an Austrian even if he is drunk (to my excuse, I really thought that the guy was Austrian until I remembered that he is from Schleswig-Holstein)
  • Do never ever think that you will be able to fit the party in all the rest of your life like work, future work, meeting friends, playing guitar, sleeping. You will fit the rest of your life in. No kidding.
  • An outdoor party with sunny weather, German beer, barbecue, football, football table “Kicker”, and so on is just perfect.
  • You better prepare to spend a lot lot lot of time running around or sitting around or doing a lot of things but do not forget to enjoy the party.
  • After being something like 24 hours on your feed, one very important thing is not to stop moving. And do not sit down if you had to get up again – it will be painful.
  • Being in the sun at 11 in the morning after a long and wonderful party is more than nice.

Hope that you enjoyed your weekend too.


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