Murder in the Museum

Thanks to Tof people, a friend and I had the opportunity today to visit the exhibition “Meurtre au Musée” located in the museum of natural sciences. The basic idea of the exhibition is that the museum’s director has been killed and it is now up to the visitor to find his murder while discovering the numerous fields involved like:

Crime scene investigation

  • Forensic medicine and odontology

  • Shoeprints

  • Fingerprints

  • Ballistics

  • Fibers and microfibers

  • Biological traces and DNA

  • Criminal entomology

For someone like me who likes to watch most of this CSI staff and good police thrillers (I do not mean Derrick!), this was quite interesting. Not only that I found the right suspect at the end – look where the money is – but I also got some clues for the future on how to find logical errors in films, books and so on.

After the exhibition, my friend and me, we wandered through the rest of the museum particularly impressed by the skeletons of whales.

Blue whale

No whale but quite surreal

Surreal II

Somehow surreal…


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