Wonderful world of language III

I am still thinking about language. For me, every language I have some command of has it’s own character. I cannot speak English in the same way I do with Spanish or with French. The different languages require somehow a different attitude towards it and the range of topics which can be best addressed with them is slightly different from one to the other. If you see what I mean…  

So the main character I would attribute in a completely personal and arbitrary way would be the following:

  • French – beautiful
  • English – distinguished
  • Spanish – extroverted
  • German – precise

If I may shortly explain: French is the best language to chat about tout et n’importe quoi just because it sounds good. English is a language for Gentleman especially if they have this cute British accent while Spanish is not a language you can speak with the arms pending – you have to move your hands, gesticulate and so on. And German is the best language if you want to sum a topic up (auf den Punkt bringen), at least for me.

Well, I think this gonna be the last language post for now but who knows what may come out of my mind tomorrow?

😉 la puce


6 responses to “Wonderful world of language III

  1. Did you know the quote “inglés para los negocios, español para hablar con los dioses, francés para hablar de amor y alemán para hacer la guerra”? (“English for businesses, Spanish to talk to god, French for love, and German for war”).

  2. Hola, qué tal?
    Yes, I know the proverb but as a German, I cannot really agree. At least not if it is meant exclusively.

    Spanish to talk to god, hein? What are you chatting about?

    La puce

  3. I don’t like it either, but I heard it several times so seems to be well-known. Let’s change it. English, for serious useless things. Spanish, for non-serious useful things. French and German? 😉

  4. Well, that’s obvious: French for non-serious useless things and German for serious useful things.

    Don’t you think so?

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