Wonderful world of language

I just saw a video of myself and no, that is not the amazing part of this post. Actually, on the video I spoke English and I was very surprised to hear what my English voice sounds like. Usually, when I hear my German voice on my mailbox or something like this, I do not like it very much. It sounds not like me but… let’s say different and a little bit weird.

So on this video, I heard myself speaking English for the very first time and: I like my English voice. It sounds interesting and more like me. And, just in case you wonder, I do not know why but I speak English with a different voice than German and German with a different voice than French. I never heard my French voice so I can’t say what it sounds like…


3 responses to “Wonderful world of language

  1. well, I liked your French voice 🙂 Can one see your video in television or cinema?

  2. No idea what that video is about, but, to follow up on Uli’s comment, if it does not lend itself to either television or cinema, there is always YouTube… Would let you sample some wider opinion 🙂

  3. Hey the two of you!

    Well, I am sorry but I have to disappoint you. The video is not available. Nowhere…
    No, seriously, I will try to put it online but I can’t promise anything.

    @ Uli: Merci 😉

    La puce

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