I am guilty. I am guilty for leaving my home country looking for better education and better job opportunities elsewhere. I am guilty for leaving uneducated and jobless men behind. I am guilty for the new uneducated underclass finding their only refuge in right-wing groups. I am guilty for the fact that less kids are born in East Germany. Guilty, guilty, guilty!

Ok, what is the whole story about is that since 1991 more than 400.000 women left the former East Germany while only 270.000 men did the same, many of them returning. The consequences are that the East of Germany is one of the European regions with the biggest gender imbalance (only 80 women for 100 men). If you are interested, here is the whole article from the Guardian.

Poor, uneducated men… never will they enjoy the pleasure of having a family because this mean women are looking for equally or higher educated partners in the Western part of the country. Of course we are. During 40 years, the socialist system encouraged women to work and we won’t simply forget this from one day to the other. And since there is not enough work to find where we come from, we go where it is instead of getting hitched by bloody stupid guys and producing radical offspring….

The pity is that East Germany has a far better care taking system for young children giving families a better support to have both: work and family. But without a job, a way to earn a decent income and to have a prospect in live, this is not enough. This is the reason why the idea from some mayors to pay every women returning to her original region is not more than the literal drop in the bucket. What East Germany needs is jobs. Then, the women may return or even stay…

Thank’s to Maik for the idea!


4 responses to “Guilty

  1. You’re more than welcome! And what an interesting spotlight on the British media it is. The Guardian titles “Educated women leave east German men behind”. In the Sunday Times, the article on the very same topic came under the headline of “East Germany forks out for extra frauleins”. Maybe I should switch papers…

  2. Ich hab mir den Guardian-Artikel nicht angeschaut, denn die Thematik kommt mir doch sehr bekannt vor.

    Im Moment bringt der Spiegel eine Reihe über sog. “Alpha-Mädchen”, und hat den Titel letzter Woche eben mit jenen abwandernden, jungen, hochqualifizierten und ehrgeizigen ostdeutschen Frauen aufgemacht.

    Tja…ich würde auch sagen…schuldig. 😉

  3. It seems that this is THE topic of the last weeks.

    But there is one thing that should not be forgotten: we do not go just like this but because there are no other opportunities… And it is not easy in a first moment even if you come to enjoy it later like I do.

    Guilty nevertheless, la puce

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