What else?

  • After my holiday in Sweden with this last beautiful day on the beach, I arrived in Brussels at 6 o’clock, Sunday morning – grey and rainy
  • The Gare du Nord (northern train station) is one of the dirtiest and saddest places to be on a Sunday morning.
  • A cold caught me on Monday, around lunch time
  • The back wheel of my bicycle had a flat tyre on Monday evening
  • Reparation of the flat tyre on Wednesday after organising the necessary tools (forks)
  • The gearchange is not working anymore… and I do not know why

∑ Back to reality! And good to be back again.   

Have a nice weekend, la puce


3 responses to “What else?

  1. Two of my bikes still have a flat tyre since weeks… I am sooo lazy to repair it. Luckily I do own two additional bikes… basically, whenever I have a flat tyre, I buy a new bike. Today my brand new racing bike arrived… while I was not at home. So I got this nice orange paper card from the Deutsche Post with which I can fetch my bike on Monday… grrrr..

  2. That’s so lazy!!! Come on! But still, it made me laugh. Do you how to repair a “Nabenschaltung”? This is the problem I have now. Since I repaired the back wheel, the gear change is making problems… Well, anyway, I will try to find out.

    And, yeah condolences regarding the “Deutsche Post”, hope that the bike is still a whole, hehe.

    La puce méchante

  3. I can’t help you with this “Nabenschaltung” thing. Go get a real bike with a normal dérailleur, than I can help you :-p

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