Follow-up III

There was one very particular thing I couldn’t help noticing more often than wanted in Sweden. Or let’s rather say in Malmö since I haven’t gone much farer and I do not want to blame the whole country in case it is just this city which has such a bad taste.

So what I could not help noticing where: leggings. During one 20 minutes walk, I noticed 15 girls wearing thights under skirts or shorts. And once aware of this I saw them every day, everywhere… Nine times out of ten the leggings were black. I don’t know if anybody can imagine how ugly this looks like. I mean, either you have the courage to wear short skirts or you don’t but these leggings. Especially since so many girls wear the same colour, this new fashion style trend “whatever you call this” looks very uniform

The only hope I have now is that this is a simply Swedish thing and it won’t take over to the rest of Europe. So far, I haven’t spotted something like this in Brussels. It is absolutely unnecessay that so many girls hide their legs that way, show them!


4 responses to “Follow-up III

  1. Diese Leggings-Manie greift auch hier um sich.
    Und ich versteh´s einfach nicht.

    So gut wie jeder verzieht das Gesicht, wenn die Sprache auf dieses an sich unaussprechliche weil zu verbieten gehörende Kleidungsstück kommt, und trotzdem sieht man sie an jeder Straßenecke?
    Wie geht denn das bitteschön?

    Du siehst mich ratlos.
    Und kopfschüttelnd.
    Und das Gesicht verziehend.

  2. Hi Maria,

    I am so happy that you understand me!!! It is good to know that I am not the only one with this phobia.

    Today, I spotted a first incident in Brussels: a girl wearing a nice short dress and then… black leggings. AHHHH

    Let’s hope that it won’t spread.

    La puce

  3. I can only warn the two of you never, ever, to come to the UK…it is not for the esthetically minded when it comes to dress sense. And believe me, black leggings under short skirts is just the beginning…

  4. Second “L”-incident spotted yesterday. Let’s hope that these are just single cases and that it won’t develop in an epidemy…

    @ Maik: Thank you for the warning. I shall remember it 😉

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