Follow-up II

During my time in Malmö, I went for the very first time in my life to watch an opera; “Porgy & Bess”, to be more precise. And, well, I like it. Actually, I was rather suspicious regarding opera since my knowledge about this form of art is very limited and because I can’t stand musicalfilms. With a very few exceptions, I always have the impression that musicals involve (how can I put it?) too much music… A whole song is were a well written dialogue of 30 seconds would have had the same or even more effect.

So now, in order to try something new, opera. Porgy & Bess was written by George Gershwin and to read what the whole story is about, the best would probably be to consult Wiki. What was surprising me was that the three hours of the performance did not feel like it but much shorter. I have to admit that I did not understand all of the songs (I am not sure if this is an appropriate expression) and the Swedish subtitles were not overly helpful. But the acting and the singing are on another level. In Musicals the actors pretend to be normal and then start singing without any obvious reason (obvious for me, at least).

In the opera, the acting and the singing make the whole composition. I am not sure how to express the impressions but I seriously liked it since the singing is not just a way to get from one story element to another, but the purpose, the sense of it… Probably, I won’t try the “Nibelungen” as next but with its’ wonderful songs, Porgy & Bess was a good introduction in the world of opera.


4 responses to “Follow-up II

  1. I was astonished to hear that it was your first time in an opera. You should absolutely go into the two opera houses in Paris! I have been in both and it was gorgeous! We had places in the first row for 25 euros.

  2. Well, in Cape Town, I went to see an opera concert which was very nice and the very very first introduction to opera in general. But yes, Porgy & Bess was the first real opera.
    My excuse is that I can’t remember my parents ever going to an opera and that I am usually not very fund of classical music. Although I have to admit that I do not know much about it. But as you see, I am improving, a bit at least…

  3. Schön, daß dir Porgy & Bess gefallen hat.
    Gershwin hatte daran großen Anteil, bin ich versucht dir zu versichern.
    Zumal als riesiger Fan der Gershwin-Brüder 😉

    Ich habe allerdings immer Schwierigkeiten, Porgy & Bess als eine Oper anzusehen…dazu ist es mir dann doch zu sehr gespickt mit Blues- und Jazzelementen.
    Hast du dich noch nie an klassisches Material gewagt?Das sollten wir dann vielleicht mal machen, wenn du mal wieder in Berlin bist.

    Ich habe ja meine halbe Kindheit hinter und auf der Bühne der Komischen Oper verbracht…und war jetzt aber auch schon lange nicht mehr da.
    Behalten wir im Hinterkopf, okay?
    Es würde mich auf jeden Fall sehr freuen, dir da ein bissel was zu zeigen 🙂

  4. Porgy and Bass was probably a good opera to start with for me because it has a lot of blues and jazz elements. I am more fund of blues and gospel than of jazz, still it makes the whole less heavy… Somehow.

    And no, unfortunately, I never tried something more “classical” since there is nobody in my family who could have introduced me to opera. Well, my grandparents perhaps but I never asked either.

    It is really since my time in South Africa where the best friend found there is an opera singer that I get some idea about what opera is alike. If you see what I mean.

    And I would be very pleased if you show me a bit of the “Komische Oper” in Berlin”!! Thank you in advance,

    la puce

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