It has been done. Here, you can find all photos from my trip to Malmö and Copenhague; at least all those I considered worth being choosen. Just click on the set “Holiday” and you can see them all.

So, how was it? Well:

  • it was sunny, warm, relaxing and exactly what I needed to get my head free.
  • it involved a lot of walking, not too much sightseeing, some hanging around, some going-out in the evenings
  • it was the very first city where I could not find an Internet shop though I have to admit that my search was not very extensiv
  • I own now a visitors card for the public library which has a very nice collection of music CDs. All you need to get a visitors card is an ID and the Internet is for free (just in case you wanted to know)
  • it was the very first time I went to see an Opera, something I will write more about tomorrow but let me say that is was very impressiv
  • there was a guitar in the living of the hotel I stayed in and what a guitar! Now I want a new one I only wonder where to find the money…
  • Sweden is a rather expensiv country
  • One week without alcohol, not even one beer which is expensiv and since I am living in a country famous for beer not something I missed.
  • I spend my last day on the beach, laying lazily in the sun and
  • I arrived in Brussels, it was raining, grey and… 
  • What can I say?

La puce mélancolique


2 responses to “Follow-up

  1. Nice…although I have to say…seeing them side by side with those pics from South Africa, Sweden does not really seem a match to that country in terms of natural beauty, does it?

    I am off myself again tomorrow…Estonia this time, so I am heading in the same general direction. Back then at the weekend. I hope you are settling back into Brussels soon and that the melancolique will turn enchantee again 🙂


  2. Actually, Sweden and Danemark are also very beautiful countries, I just did not have much time (and money) to discover more of it.

    What I liked was how green the landscape is. There is a lot of agriculture and this reminds me home… Only without hills.

    South Africa, well this is special anyway. But I will have to come back to both of the regions: Scandinavia and SA. If only I had (now I could come back to the time and money issue we already discussed but I will rather stop here and finally go home)

    La puce enchantée too because she was welcomed very nicely by her friends here 😉

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