No photos

Three people are queuing for the computer I am currently using since it is the only one in the hostel so I have to keep you short on information. Tomorrow, if things go as I want them to, this should improve. I got the very valuable advice that you can use Internet for free in the public library which is just around the corner. As I couldn’t find a cybercafé I will go for this one.

But this it tomorrow. Today, I was in Copenhague, very nice city on a very nice day. The day involved a lot of sunshine, a lot of walking, a lot of sight seeing and some ice cream. And of course, I made photos but I still can’t but them. It seems to be the fate of this blog that photos are never posted as they are supposed to be.

Ok, I have to go. Have a nice evening and please cross your fingers that I can use my USB-stick in the library.

La puce


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