Only a game? – Of course not!

Yesterday, I visited the exhibition “Only a game? Football & Europe” organised by the UEFA here in Brussels. I wonder what the question mark is supposed to be at the end of the sentence. Football is, of course, not only a game! It is passion, life, sadness, joy and 22 grown up men or women running after one ball.

Anyway, the exhibition was very nice, with a lot of multimedia. I appreciated most a video installation about emotions in football. That was world cup atmosphere. There are also some very nice photos and I liked all the books you could read in a calm corner. One book, I was thinking how to smuggle it into my rucksack but it was far to big and it would not have been fair for all the visitors still coming…

Football in Brussels

Football history in shirts

And if ever I have time tomorrow or in the next days, I will share my highly asked opinion with you why football is so much more than a game…


2 responses to “Only a game? – Of course not!

  1. For me it’s only a game — not even a very exciting one. But I have to admit two things:
    1) I very much enjoyed the world championship and I have seen almost all games in “public viewings”.
    2) I like seeing 200 men cycling over 200km without any action (“Tour de France”) in TV.

  2. Hi Uli!!

    1) As soon as I have a little bit more time, i.e. on the weekend, I will write a little post about football and why it is more than a game…

    2) 200 doped cycling men, I would say but that is not supposed to sound cynical because I think that there is no more highly competitive sport today doing without doping. Football is probably just as bad/good as the others…

    3) What I still like the most is doing sport even if I have to admit that my feed are not meant for balls – I prefer cycling and swimming.

    4) Football is great to watch, especially the world cup and it is fascinating to see how it creates emotions.

    5) Voilà, la puce 😉

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