Bad points about Brussels

Sometimes, I have strong doubts about Brussels being a capital or even a major city. This happens for instance when

  • You cannot pay with Visa card in the shopping centre in “Gare de Midi” (the central station even if it does not have the name – Belgium sense of humour) even if they write Visa on the door
  • I have to queue in order to pay my train ticket because there are no ticket machines
  • Streets have no road signs making it pretty difficult to find the way despite a map
  • Cash machines were run out of money exactly when I desperately need some cash… (this happened three times to me and other people had the same problem)

2 responses to “Bad points about Brussels

  1. I’m afraid I ended up in your spam filter again 😦


  2. True, I am sorry but that is Askimets mistake… If I have some time tomorrow, I will read in the FAQ and the forums what I can do about it but now, I am too tired…

    Bonne nuit, la puce fatiguée

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