Since I am always posting links to German newspapers, I thought it may be time to get some French infos in this blog. France has a new government, and I have to admit that my knowledge about these people is rather limited. With some notable exception like Michèle Alliot-Marie and Bernard Kouchner. Anyway, I would not be too surprised if the French vote for a socialist majority in the Parliament elections in June so that Sarko would have to choose a new prime minister and would have to cope with a cohabitation. Let’s wait and see and be surprised.

And, a nice video from youTube explaining how Sarko managed to stay that calm during the presidential debate. It’s really a pity that we do not have les guignols in Germany. Probably, there is no broadcast courageous enough to start something like this while the show is a kind of “institution” in France. Sometimes they go to far criticising politicians but in the same times a politician who does not appear in les guignols does not exist and most politicians are rather proud to be caricatured in the show. The time I lived in France, I was  just wondering now and then what was the parody – French politics or les guignols. But that is another very far leading question which will probably never be answered…

Bon weekend, la puce


6 responses to “Follow-up

  1. Maria Kersten

    Jawoll, ich hab´s versucht.
    Mais…je regrette beaucoup…

    Französisch…äußerst holprige Geschichte, da die letzten, von mir gesprochenen französischen Sätze inzwischen 10 Jahre zurück liegen.
    Wie ärgerlich.

    Aber…mon dieu…welch´ schöne Sprache!
    Ich hoffe, ich kann das irgendwann mal wieder auffrischen.

  2. Sehr lustiges Video 🙂
    Hier auch noch was nachgereicht zur Wahl:,1518,481667,00.html

  3. Hi Uli,

    Thank you very much for the Video!! I saw it on TV but never the full version. Actually, I think Blair’s French is pretty good, at least the pronounciation. Probably much better than Sarkozy’s English 😉

    What do you think about the elections in France?

  4. Hi Maria!

    Mais c’est pas grave! Il faut pas t’en faire. Macht nix!

    But you are invited to come and visit me whenever you want, ok? And then, we can speak French here, or you just listen to me.

    La puce

  5. Yes, didn’t Sarkozy fail Sciences Po due to a failed exam in English (or was it ENA)? Well, the election… I have to admit that I had probably voted for Sarkozy as well… I do not like him very much, but Royale? I did not follow the duel in detail, but some proposals of Royale were just strange, very socialist (all this fuss about working 35 hours a week or less, doubling the number of civil servants due to one woman being raped on her way home…).
    In general, the election was a pure election of personality and very little about political programs.

  6. You are right, Sarko failed Science Po due to bad marks in English (I wrote about it).

    The question if the election was more about personality and less about political programs, personally, I agree. I watched the debate and my strongest argument against Mme Royal was her body language…. I also think that her political programme was not matching with the needs of reality but this has not really been the case in the last years in France anyway…

    But I am still very curious to see what Sarko will do, especially after the Parliament elections in summer.

    On verra bien, quoi 😉

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