Very small quiz for phonetics friends

Who are the Muscles from Brussels?


20 responses to “Very small quiz for phonetics friends

  1. Hi la puce,

    I tried to continue our little exchange under the heading of “the less worse choice”, but your blog doesn’t seem to accept any more comments there…is that a bug or a feature?


  2. Hi Maik,

    I don’t know, no idea but thank you very much for telling me, I will check on it right now and keep you informed here in that post, ok?

    Thanks a lot,

    la puce

  3. Maria Kersten

    Öhm…Jean-Claude van Damme?

    Wie war noch gleich die Frage? 😉

  4. Any luck yet in finding out? If not, I will just continue here, if that is OK with you.

  5. Sorry, I just found out that the post has now appeared where it should. Still, any idea what was wrong and delayed the post by about 20 hours?

  6. Hi Maik,

    The problem was that Askimet classified your comments as Spam… I do not know why but since it is a learning software, that should not happen again.

    And, you are not the only one. Askimet did the same thing to me so you are in “guter Gesellschaft” 😉

    Voilà, une chose de faite, la puce

  7. @ Maria: You are right!!!

    Special prize: Ähm dunno… Would you like to get anything from Brussels? Perhaps we can use the Brussels-Berlin shuttle to get a small present to you?

    Tell me!

    La puce

  8. Now you have me really worried! I checked was Akismet is all about on their homepage and there they say, “in the unlikely event something gets incorrectly identified as spam…” Now, that has a terrible ring of “in the unlikely event of an emergency…” that usually accompanies the cabin crew ballet on commercial aircraft. Help! I have to fly three times in the next few weeks and I do not find this at all reassuring!

  9. *what* Akismet is all about…

  10. Mais nooon 😉 Don’t worry! Flying is probably safer than commenting…

    Where are you going to? Just curious because I like to fly especially the moment when the plane takes of.

    I will go to Sweden beginning of July but since I couldn’t find cheep flights, it will be the car – 15 hours.

    Mais bon, c’est pas grave.

    La puce francophone aujourd’hui 😉

  11. Maria Kersten

    Die Konversation zwischen Maik und dir ging ja ganz prächtig vonstatten…so ganz ohne die Siegerin!
    Das kann so natürlich nicht bleiben…darum:

    Ich bitte, ein dickes 🙂 meinerseits zur Kenntnis zu nehmen!

    Das Brüssel-Berlin-Shuttle hat auch schmunzeln müssen…und vielleicht bringt es mir gar ein Stückerlchen Brüsseler Schokolade mit?
    Was meinst du?

  12. Well, seriously, I think that chocolate would be too touristic. I mean, every tourist is bringing Belgium chocolate home, that’s too easy…

    No, I am kidding. Chocolate you want, chocolate it is. The Berlin-Brussels-Shuttle will bring your present, ok?

    See you,
    la puce

  13. 15 hours ?!? Mon dieu! (Reaching the outer limits of my French.) No Ryanair flight to be got from anywhere?

    I’ll be off to Ireland, the Netherlands and Estonia over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, unlike you, I don’t like flying. I am not afraid of it, I just don’t like it. And it is during take-off and landing in particular that I always think to myself, “this is all wrong, humans were not meant to fly”.

    Actually, the 15 hour car journey to Sweden might not be such a bad thing after all. I have been to Moscow twice, once by plane and once by car. It took a lot longer than 15 hours to get there by car, but it was so much more fun! And it brought Moscow a lot closer to me on my mental map of the world. Moscow sounds far, far off (I am from the former West, so psychologically, it was even farther). But now it feels really close; it is a place I can drive to, so it can’t be that far after all.

    My apologies for butting it, but my nosiness is getting the better of me. What is this Brussels-Berlin shuttle all about? (Fully acknowledging daß mich das aber auch überhaupt gar nichts angeht).


  14. Ok, lets go on with our discussion here. It is just as fine as the other post. Well, regarding the flight, I tried to get a cheap one from Brussels but Ryanair is not flying from here anymore and Brussels Airlines was to expensive for my small intern budget.

    And just like your trip to Moscow, I think that it can be very nice at I will get to see the landscape and we will cross the “Öresundbrücke”, must be very nice as far as I heard about it.

    Regarding the Brussels-Berlin shuttle, well, that’s special… A common friend of Maria and me is visiting me this weekend in Brussels and since Maria was the only one to answer my small (and stupid) quizz correctly, she will get some chocolates…

    If this is not a big incentive for a stronger participation on future quizz, I don’t know 😉

    La puce

  15. Ooops, sorry, I continued the other post as well…multiplying our little exchange.

    You never mentioned prizes when starting the quiz (that’s my materialistic side speaking now)…but future quizzes…bring ’em on! There’s no Brussels-Wales Shuttle, though…not that I would know of anyway 😦

  16. Hey, I will go on writing over there too.

    Just to explain the prize, it was an idea that came up since the shuttle is here anyway. And, it is thanks to Maria that this blog exists, so it is also a little bit for this.

    No Brussels-Wales shuttle – we will have to work on this 😉

    La puce

  17. With regard to the Brussels-Wales shuttle…I agree, we should…would be a nice extension of the “Völkerverständigungsprojekt” to this remote island in the North Sea, wouldn’ it? 😉

    On a totally different matter: Do you have any idea what happened to Maria’s blog? When I checked today I found to my utmost shock and horror that it reads “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.” What on earth would make her do that?!?

    Yours seriously concerned,


  18. Dear Maik,

    I just discovered that Maria’s blog is not online anymore and I do not have any idea why. I will contact her and see. If you and if she agrees, I will let you know through email.

    And you were right, Askiment had once again marked your comments as spam, dunno why. I de-spammed it again, hope it will help now.

    Sorry for that one,

    la puce

  19. Dear la puce,

    I hope you had a good night’s sleep. Yes, please let me know if Maria agrees. You can see my e-mail address, can’t you? I have to enter it every time I post a comment, but I am not sure who can see it.

    Best wishes,


  20. Dear Maik,

    First, yes, I can see your email address. I like this a lot about wordpress that I can get in contact with the people if I want to.

    And, the solution about Maria’s blog is now to find on the blogroll – just have a look at “Cinnamon”.

    Voilà, c’est fait, la puce

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