Discovering Brussels

Thanks to Tof people, I had the opportunity to visit Brussels last Saturday. What a nice but sometimes weird city. There are underground palaces, statues of little peeing man with costumes, of peeing dogs and of old, greedy ladies (not peeing). There is a river which crossed the city but is not doing so anymore, except one place where you can see the remnants… There are some remnants of the ancient city wall and much more places to discover. All together a very nice and pleasant visit. Want to see more?

Underground palace under the Palais royal

Place Royal with look over the city

Gold fish in the river (where you can see it)

La cathédrale St. Michel

City wall

And as you can see, for once, I had my camera with me…


2 responses to “Discovering Brussels

  1. Nice pictures. These is my Brussels. It is good to share this kind of hobbies.

  2. Thank you Estaban. I still have to put my Brussel photos on Flickr. Whenever I will find the time to do so…

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