Do to an unexpected and lucky coincidence*, I own now the following books:

  • Benoït, Pierre: L’Atlantide (reading right now), 1920
  • Corneille: Le Cid
  • Churchill, Winston: Mémoires sur la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale I-III
  • Hemingway: Pour qui sonne le glas
  • Simenon, Georges: Maigret à Vichy
  • Somerset Maugham, William: Le sortilège malais
  • Süpfle, Otto: Petite grammaire allemande 14è édition, 1934 (with the old German handwriting: Sütterlin)

* Cycling home, I saw a box full of books standing at a corner of a street. The box was obviously destined to finish its life in a local rubbish truck. Since I can not stand it when books are thrown away, I had a closer look at the books. Due to the limited space of the rucksack, I could not safe all them. Anyway, not all were of the same interest to me. So I took what was appealing to me and yeah, that’s it. I am not sure, if I am going to read all this, especially since I do not have all of the memories about the Second World War from Churchill and I would prefer to read them in English… However, I am happy to have them.


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