The less worse choice

I am not really sure if the title of this post is correct English. Actually, I have a big doubt about it, but who cares?

Together with my French flatmate, I am watching the TV duel of the French presidency candidates: Sarko and Sego. My flatmate can’t stand them and she does not know who to vote. Watching what presents itself as choice, I understand fully and I sympathise. Both have studied Political Science (Science Po), but he does not have the diploma due to bad marks in English, and the two discuss that way. Meaning, they do not listen to each other, they want to be right.

Seriously, I would not know who to give my vote and fortunately, I do not have to know. My problem with Sego is that I suspect her to become a weak president. I would say (but what do I know?) that the Sarko could be the French Thatcher, imposing change despite syndicates, students, and all the other revolutionary elements in the French society.

Anyway, probably the election of one or the other won’t change an inch…

Never mind,

la puce


49 responses to “The less worse choice

  1. Ich weiß, Du hast gesagt es ist Dir eigentlich egal, und ich will auch nicht unbedingt den Besserwisser raushängen lassen…aber ich sag’s jetzt einfach trotzdem. Ich glaube, man würde sagen “the lesser of two evils”. Just for future reference 🙂

    Fröhliches Wahlgucken (mache ich hier auch: heute sind Wahlen zur Welsh Assembly),


  2. Thank you very much for this information. Seriously! Even if I do not give the impression I am seriously interested to know if I write grammatical or stylistic nonsense.

    Whom would you vote for?

    Just curious, la puce

  3. In France? No idea. Possibly Segolene. I largely rely on the British press for my information and they seem to favour Sarkozy, because he is more Anglo-Saxon in his politics. But I can’t help it, I find he comes across as very aggressive, which is something I resent.

    In Wales? Even less of an idea. I don’t think there is a lesser evil. Just evil.


  4. I have to admit that I do not know anything about the politics and politicians in Wales…

    But my French flatmate thinks about French politics in the same way.

    I still don’t know. Of course, Sarkozy is more dangerous than Sego but I also think that he is more pragmatic and less ideologic. Nevertheless, it is a very difficult choice…

  5. Looks like you got it your way. The journalists over here went ecstatic at Sarko’s victory…not sure this bodes well for France. Keep me posted what happens next.

  6. Well, I wouldn’t say my way but Sarkozy was clearly the favourite, right from the start. And I still like “her” less than “him”, seriously. Let’s see what is going to happen the next five years and juge him then… I think that he can make a difference…

  7. I agree on the “he can make a difference” bit. I am just not sure that’s a good thing. But by all means, let us give him the benefit of the doubt. What makes me slightly uneasy is that I heard the same thing being said about President Bush when he was first elected. And how true it was. Did I think Al Gore cut a presidential figure at the time? Certainly not. Did I think George Bush could get things done? I certainly did. I just had my doubts at the time that it was a good thing. Now I am sure it wasn’t. I can’t see Sarkozy invade any countries in the near future. Let us just hope he makes a difference domestically without any people getting hurt.

  8. Sarkozy will make a difference, anyway. What makes me a little bit afraid is that he starts now with a handicap to be who he is. Students, syndicates, etc. will be against any of his reforms, like a kind of reflexe.

    So he will impose reforms not listening to reasonable arguments and so giving the hard man. The question is until when this system will work.

    What I like about him (and what I did not like about her) is that he does not want to be loved as a president. At least, as far as I can say. Mme Royal is for me clearly the type of political being which is more looking at opinion polls than on necessary politics…

    Finally, you are absolutely right about one point: we should give him the benefit of doubt.

  9. Do you remember the “are you a lady” test you did about two months ago? The same site offers many different tests, among them “what’s your political persuasion?”. Following our little exchange about Sarkozy, I thought it would be useful to know. Here is the result:

    You Are a Liberal for Life. You’ve got a bleeding heart – and you’re proud of it. For you, liberal means being compassionate, pro-government, and anti-business. You believe in equality for every person, and you consider yourself universally empathetic. Helping others is not just political for you … it’s very personal too.

    Now, I very much like the person they describe. I am just not sure it’s me. For starters, I am teaching business… But it might explain why I was not too fond of Sarkozy 🙂

  10. Dear Maik,

    I am sure you are a nice guy even if you are not a heart-bleeding liberal. Can you please send me the link for this test? Sounds very promising and I am curious what would be my result! But I can’t find the link…

    Two more questions:

    1. Since you are teaching business, what do you think economically speaking about Royal?

    2. Since when are you reading my blog (just curious)

    Thanks a lot,

    la puce

  11. Dear Maik,

    I am sure you are a nice guy even if you are not a heart bleeding liberal. Can you please send me the link for this “political persuasion” test, because I would like to know mine but I can’t find it on the page.

    Two more questions:

    1. What do you think about Royal, economically speaking? And was there any candidat in the elections making non illusionary propositions?

    2. Since when are you reading my blog? (just curious)

    Ok, these are three questions, never mind!

    Thank a lot,

    La puce

  12. I googled the test instead of searching it desperatly on the site. But I am not sure if I am going to publish my results…

  13. Dear La puce,

    Strictly economically speaking, I think Royal would have been a bad choice. The 35 hour working week, for example, is a disaster in an open global economy. The global economy works “nach dem Prinzip der kommunizierenden Röhren” (sorry, I had to revert to German, no idea how that translates into English). Unless other economies are moving in the direction of a shorter working week (and there are no signs whatsoever that they will), the 35 hour working week will become unsustainable in France or, alternatively, unemployment will go through the roof. Yet I believe the president elect has already mentioned that he is going to do something about it.

    Having said all that, I think focussing just on the economy is too narrow a view. BBC recently quoted Jacques Chirac as having said, “if you want Britain’s economic success, you will have to accept the British quality of life as well” (or something to that effect). I do not wish the British quality of life on anyone. This is easily the most littered country in western Europe, the health system is appalling (and soon to be rationed, by the look of it) and public spaces are nothing but a disgrace. I had a stroll around town on May Day and it was absolutely depressing! Yet if you want the French health system and all that beauty and charm of public places, you have to accept more redistribution of income or, in other words, “big(ger) government”. In my view, doing it the “British Way” is not the answer. But simply carrying on as usual is not sustainable, either. So we are once more looking for the (in-)famous “third way”. I am curious to see if Sarkozy will find it.

    About other candidates. Relying on the British Press, I hardly know anything about any other candidates. Apart from Sarkozy and Royal, only François Bayrou got a mention (and Le Pen, of course). I thought he had a certain maverick appeal (Bayrou, that is), despite having come through the system. But I cannot really comment on his policies, as they were not really discussed in the press here (not that I am aware of anyway).

    I started reading your blog on 21 April 2007. That day you commented on Kaltmamsell’s Film-Stöckchen. I regularly read her excellent blog and because I am very interested in film, I followed the link when you said you were going to nick the Stöckchen from her. Being a German living abroad myself, I found your blog very interesting and have been reading it ever since. (Apart from that, I love the title. It reminds me of Douglas Adams.) Sometimes when I am bored at work, I read the “back catalogue” of blogs that I like, so I came across your “are you a lady” entry. Which brings me to the “political persuasion” test…now I am really curious…are the results so devastating? Did you feel caught (ertappt)? Or were the results just wide off the mark?

    Best wishes,


  14. Thank you very much for this comment. I agree with you on the 35 hours even if I found them very suitable for me working as an intern in French local administration. But that’s another story.

    And you are also right to say that every system has its advantages and desadvantages. I read a very interesting article on “Die Zeit” the other day which was treating the German tendency to compare ourselves with our much smaller northern neighbour countries. The first statement was that you cannot compare (easily) a country like Danemark (5 million people) to Germany (82 million people). And, even if you compare because you are impressed by the excellent work done elsewhere (education in Finland), you cannot just copy-and-past it in another system.

    For the “political persuasion” test, I will publish it right now even if the results feels a bit strange to me. But you will see.

    Voilà, la puce

    PS. I try to keep comments in English because most of my French friends do not speak German at all. Kind of “Völkerverständigungsprojekt” 😉 But don’t worry if you cannot translate something… it is not mandatory. And I like the mélange result.

  15. As an intern in French local administration, will you be involved in implementing some of the changes Sarkozy has vowed to bring in?

  16. I put this in the wrong tense. I was working as an intern in the French local administration in 2005, long long time ago…

    Actually, I was in the Service of International Relations of the City of Grenoble. That is technically speaking very far from the government in Paris. Especially in that area, changes are more trickling down than having an immedeate impact. And the mayor and the local parlament members had much more influence than any President…

    However, I had a very nice time and it got me a very good mark for my final study year…

  17. OK, let’s try a little “Sherlock Holmes for Beginners”. You worked as an intern in International Relations in 2005, which was followed by your final year of studies. Meaning you have now graduated and, going by a recent blog entry, now live in or near Brussels. If I were Holmes (which decidedly I am not), I would deduce you are now working for the European Commission. How far off the mark am I?

  18. Ok, Holmes that was not bad. Two small corrections: I was an intern in International Relations during my last year of studies. I did two internships (four and five month each) instead of spending a year abroad.

    And, I am doing an internship at the European Commission in order to find out if I would like to work for them or not…

    Excellent conclusion anyway!

  19. I try hard not to be too pleased with myself 🙂 Any initial feelings about that choice of career?

  20. That’s a good question. So far, I worked as contract worker or intern or volunteer in NGOs, entreprises, and administrations (local and international). I liked all of them with their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s difficult to say what would be my prefered choice…

    The only thing I absolutely want is an international environment. I want to use my languages and if possible learn one or two more. That’s something I really like about working in Brussels, I can speak French with my office colleague but I work in English most of the day.

    I will try to find here but I would also go to France, the UK or somewhere else. We will see and I am curious myself to find out where I am going to be…

  21. How did you get all those marvellous opportunities for work experience? You must either be a natural at networking or your CV is so impressive that it knocks the socks of whoever reads it.

    About languages…which do you have so far? I have a pretty one-sided love affair with languages. I love them, but they do not love me. Over the years, I tried my hands on Japanese, Russian, French and Dutch. I am utterly useless at all of them. The only language that I have at least a decent command of is English.

  22. Hi Maik,

    Well, what can I say… I feel more like stumbling in the different positions. The first two internships were part of my last study year (actually, they were my last study year), then I worked a bit as translator, than in an entreprise, than in South Africa and now Brussels. Unfortunately, I have to admit that all this (except the study internships) was not really planed and I can only hope that it will lead me somewhere in life.

    Regarding the languages, I am up to two foreign languages I have a decend command of (I like this expression): English and French. My French is still a bit better than English, especially the written one, but this blog was also supposed to work on this. I have some notions of Spanish and started to learn Dutch here in Brussels but that’s more for fun.

    So, please, don’t be too impressed, I am not. There is still a lot to improve and I will see where life will lead me after this internship here…

  23. Hmm, sounds pretty much like the story of my life so far…the stumbling about bit. I think I stopped making plans in the “gymnasiale Oberstufe” (mélange, ick hör dir trapsen). Everything after that was chance and spur of the moment. I am sure it will lead you somewhere. As of today, it has led me to Wales. I never wanted to go to Wales. There is nothing wrong with it, I just had never planned to be here. But at a certain juncture in my life I found that this was the only reasonable option open to me. So here I am. Still a bit puzzled how I got here, but there you go.

    On occasions like this, I usually quote Baz Luhrmann:

    “Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.”

    Gives it all a positive spin, doesn’t it?

  24. Hi Maik,
    Most of the time, I do not worry too much about where to go in life. There are many things I can do and I like to do. I am very curious and still keen to discover new places in this world.
    The problem with that approach is that it lacks stability. The last year, I moved three times within eleven month: from Grenoble to Berlin, from Berlin to Cape Town and now I am in Brussels. And even if I enjoyed all the experiences made and I wouldn’t want to miss them, that was a little bit too much. That’s why I will try to find work here in Brussels because after all, it’s not a bad city and it’s rather central in Europe…
    I mean, I would not mind to move another time but than for something lasting longer than five or six month…
    And, one question came to my mind regarding the quotation of Baz Luhrmann. He says that the most interesting people didn’t know at 22 (or 40) what they wanted to do, ok, but what about the most successful people? Because, it is not bad to be interesting but a little bit of success would be good either, don’t you think so?
    By the way, for how long are you in Wales now?
    Curious as always, la puce

  25. You are opening a philosophical can of worms here. What is success? Money? Status? Skill? What if you do a brain-dead job, but get loads of money for it. Are you successful? What if you become head of department, but work 70-80 hours a week so that you never see your boyfriend/husband/children/friends. Are you successful? What if you are really good at something, in fact, better than anyone else. Unfortunately, no one is willing to employ you in a job in which you could use this marvellous skill. Are you successful? Success is a tricky concept.

    I don’t mind success, not at all. But successful and boring? Nah, I’d rather not.

    How long am I here? Good question. I came to Wales nine months ago. I may stay here “bis zum gesetzlichen Renteneintrittsalter” (a few decades hence). Or I may not. Who can tell?

    All the best,


  26. Dear Maik,

    Well, it seems that you took the open end question…. For me, interesting is nice and successful is meant in a way that I do not need to worry at the end of the month and that I do not have to watch my banc account the whole time (jeden Pfennig umdrehen…)

    That would be nice and a big change regarding the last years. Of course, this is ideally linked to an interesting and challenging job leaving me enough time for friends, family and hobbies. Die Quadratur des Kreises, sozusagen.

    One question, you told me that you are teaching economies, at what level: university, school?

    Still curious and bad in playing Sherlock Holmes,

    la puce

  27. Oh, I am with you on that one. I don’t like being broke all the time, either. Equally, I am all for squaring the circle. But as a good friend of mine keeps saying, “entweder Du hast Geld oder Du hast Zeit”. And if the shit really hits the fan, you have neither. While I was doing my PhD, I had neither. Not good. After that, I had all the time in the world, but no money at all. Not good, either. Now I have a fairly decent income, but very little time. Open to improvement.

    I am teaching business at university, not economics. Aus gegebenem Anlaß lege ich auf diese Unterscheidung gerade einen gewissen Wert. 🙂

    All the best,


  28. I apologise, business of course not economics. Small question: Business like management?

    Regarding my professional future, I am pretty good in time management so I would like to see the situation to have more money. Just for a change after the last years…

    Especially since I spend all my back-up money in South Africa, to have a good income in order to build some reserves would not be bad. I am also tired to move from and for one job to the other… Some stability, that would be so great.

    Anyway, we will see,

    la puce

  29. Yes, business as in management. An economist gave a rather bizarre presentation here recently and I wanted to disassociate myself from that line of research. Hence my nitpicking.

    I can empathise with your yearning for stability. I have stopped counting the number of times that I have moved over the past few years. Way too many. It is fun for a while, but there comes a point when it becomes a drag. I have created a little stability zone for myself now. I am still renting a tiny, lovely little 1-bedroom flat in Germany. It is my biggest luxury, but now I can afford it (just about).

    I had to throw all of my “Hausstand” into the back of my car and move on so many times that I really relish having a place that I can call “home”, where stuff can stay and where I can return to.

  30. Hi Maik,

    That I can fully understand. I moved nine times in the last four years and this is still leaving some small ones out (pushing my boxes from one room to the other on the same floor).

    Finding home is somehow easier for me. I do not really have a place anymore where I could go back so I just call the place home where I stay. Except South Africa where I knew that it would just be for some weeks…

    And stability… It also depends on the friends. During my time in France, my friends changed from one year to the other because there were lot of moves in the residence and also at university it was not always the same. So to have stable circle of friends in the same city where I have a (good, well paid) job, would be great…

    By the way, where in Germany do you come from?

    Curious, la puce 😉

  31. I know you said you were bad at playing Sherlock Holmes, but let’s give it another try…does 39343 mean anything to you? Or 039052?

    If not, I’ll give you a less cryptic answer 🙂


  32. Sorry, it is late, my typing is going to the dogs…


  33. Mike, Maik, Mouse 😉

    As you see, I had a good night of sleep.

    And that Sherlock Holmes was an easy one. We are coming from the same region. Mine would be 039206 or 39326…

    Cool, after all, the www is just another village. Die Welt ist ein Dorf!

    La puce

  34. Hold on now! It is not that easy after all. I mentioned in one of my earlier comments (the one about going to Moscow by car) that I am from the former West. So 39343 and 039052 is only the first part of the clue. Once you have interpreted that correctly (as you have) you would need to combine it with this other piece of information in order to get to the answer. Viel Spaß beim puzzlen. 😉


    PS: Kleine Hilfestellung: Multimap

  35. Hi Maik,

    I will puzzle tomorrow, ok? Because now, it is bed time for small fleas especially since they have to go to work tomorrow (sucking blood of EC employees)

    And, Multimap does not help me. Can I have another clue, please?

    Merci et bonne nuit,

    la puce

  36. That sounds scary…what exactly is it that you are doing as an EC intern?

    Just read your post on football. I agree. And you will see a lot of passion and joy if FC St. Pauli manage to get the last point they need to be promoted to the second division. 🙂 And a lot of misery if they don’t. Incidentally, it looks as if they might be promoted together with the FC Magdeburg.

    Which brings me to the clue. There are a number of place names that exist at least twice in Germany. Sometimes the split is between the former East and the former West. For example, there is a Salem near Lake Constance (Bodensee) and one near the Kummerower See in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (There is at least a third one near Hamburg, but that is just there for distraction :-)). It is the same with 39343. And Multimap will help you to pinpoint which place it is.

    All the best,


  37. Talking about St. Pauli’s promotion gave me another idea for a clue…have a look at the league table for the Regionalliga Nord and see if anything you see there rings a bell…

    Maik 😉

  38. EMDEM!!! (Says Multimap)

    Is this the solution? I am so bad in playing “Sherlock Holmes”…

    And, if I am right, why are you supporting St. Pauli and not Emden? I mean somehow I understand, St. Pauli is much more sexy than Emden…

    Anyway, thank you for telling me that Magdeburg seems to make its way into the 2nd league, that’s great! Even if I am supporting Rostock since they first were in the Bundesliga, I still have a look for all the other East German clubs.

    La puce, writing soon more about football

  39. I forgot to write about my work here. Well since I am an intern for five month and most of the projects here at the commission are on the long run, I am contributing to the work of my unit without taking to much responsibilities. But it is interesting to get an insights how the commission, or at least the small part my unit is, works and too see how the human side is influencing the policies.
    And, it is a great opportunity to go to all the debates, conferences and presentations going on in Brussels. It is really enlarging my “Allgemeinwissen”. What I like the most is the contact with the other interns because it is like Erasmus, only better. Brussels is probably the most international city in Europe, more international than Berlin or Paris and perhaps even London. That I cannot say for certain since I only spend three days there…
    And usually, there is no blood sucking involved at all 😉

  40. See, you are not as bad at playing Sherlock Holmes as you thought 🙂

    What, however, makes you think St. Pauli could be sexier than Emden? You obviously haven’t been to the place… 😉

    Supporting St. Pauli…that started when they were in the first division (some considerable time ago now…). I still have a sticker that reads “Nie wieder Krieg, nie wieder Faschismus, nie wieder 2. Liga”. Obviously, I couldn’t use that for a while without provoking serious misunderstanding. Once St. Pauli get promoted to the first division again, I will put it to good use.

    For as long as I can remember, St. Pauli was either playing in the first or the second division. Kickers peaked in division three many years ago and usually oscillated between leagues four and five. So I could happily support St. Pauli as the “big” club and Kickers as my local club. Then, for some inexplicable reason, Kickers played better than ever before and St. Pauli worse. And all of a sudden they found themselves in the same division! Nightmare! Still, it makes sense to support St. Pauli. If Kickers got promoted, they would have difficulty getting the licence. Their stadium would need a massive upgrade and I do not think they have the financial resources.

    No blood sucking after all…I’m almost a bit disappointed…it sounded kind of interesting (if weird). What unit are you working for? Or are you not allowed to tell?

    Best wishes,


  41. Hi Maik,

    If you want to find out what club is more sexy try the following: find 10 German human guinea pigs who do not know you and your favourite club. Tell 5 of them about St. Pauli and the other 5 about Emden. Analyse and evaluate the reaction. If my idea is right, for the first 5 (St. Pauli) you should get “cool” four times out of five; for the second five however, no reaction is most probable one..;

    Regarding my work, I need a certificat signed by 6 different people to speak with the press even if it is not at all related to my work. I never asked about blogging because it would wake up sleeping dogs. Anyway, I don’t want to write too much about it in the blog, perhaps per email if I find time… ok?

    La puce

  42. Yessssss….strike! Pauli has just been promoted to the second division! They drew 2:2 with Dynamo Dresden. That’s it! Fait accompli! Oleoleoleole… Sh*t… I’m the only one left in the office, otherwise I would drag the nearest colleague into the nearest pub and have a decent “Mini-Aufstiegsfeier”. St. Pauli, St. Pauli, St. Pauli… And given that Hansa Rostock has also been promoted, werden wir in der nächsten Saison auch nicht in Harnisch geraten 🙂 St. Pauli schießt ein Tor, schießt ein Tor, St. Pauli schießt ein Tor,… Hach, das hat mir jetzt echt den Tag gemacht.

    About your work: I don’t want you to violate any confidentiality agreements. Actually, those six different signatures probably confirm every prejudice people in the UK have ever held against the bureaucracy in Brussels 😉 Never asking about blogs was probably a wise move…as someone once said “es ist einfacher, um Entschuldigung zu bitten, als um Erlaubnis”. Recht hat er. Anyway, I would like to learn more about what you are doing, but I don’t want you to write anything you don’t feel entirely comfortable with.

    I got to go home now, it was a very long day…but it ended on a very happy note…

    St. Pauli, St. Pauli, St. Pauli…. 🙂

  43. Hi Maik,

    Sorry for the silence but I was lazy and on the same time overloaded with work the last days. Did you get my email? I hope it wasn’t caught in the spam files…

    Anyway, I like the sentence that it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission… Very nice but nothing I would always try; depends probably on the situation and on the people.

    If you still read this, could you tell me which are the other clubs playing in the second league next year? I am too stupid to google it… Seriously.

    Congratulations to St. Pauli!

    La puce

  44. Nothing definite yet for the Regionalliga Nord. St. Pauli has been promoted, but Magdeburg, Osnabrück and Wuppertal will fight it out this coming weekend who will join St. Pauli in the second division next year. From the Regionalliga Süd, Wehen and Hoffenheim have been promoted. Is it just me or is the idea of seeing Wehen and Hoffenheim in the second division decidely underwhelming? Before all supporters of Wehen and Hoffenheim start lambasting me now: I said the same about Mainz when they were promoted to the first division, but absolutely loved them when I saw them playing. The names of Wehen and Hoffenheim lack a certain glamour, but, hey, it’s up to you guys to change that! Good luck to you anyway – unless you play St. Pauli of course. Sorry, but here I am seriously biased…


  45. Wow, thank you for that long answer. I also got your email and I will answer it as soon as I find a Internetshop where I can use the copy-and-past option, here (in the hostel I stay in) I can’t.

    Now, I will have a look on yesterday’s news. Magdeburg played against St. Pauli if my memory is right. But as I am getting more and more into this blog story, wordpress was the first homepage I had a look on.

    la puce

  46. Mmmh…I better keep quiet until I know how you take the news…

  47. Ok, I know and I do not take it personally since I am going to apply an old principle of mine: do not mix politics with friendship – new: do not mix friendship with sports 😉

    See you around,

    La puce

  48. Puh, I am relieved that you see it that way. I did not expect it to be such a tight finish and I certainly did not expect St. Pauli to be so closely involved in the fate of Magdeburg. If it is any consolation, I would have preferred Magdeburg accompanying St. Pauli into the second division rather than Osnabrück. But there you go.

    Just out of curiosity: What was the FC Magdeburg called before unification? I am generally not ostalgic, but FC Dresden and VfB Leipzig just don’t have the same ring to them as Dynamo Dresden and Lok Leipzig.

  49. Hi Maik,

    I have to make it short since I am using the only computer in the hostel and at least three people are queuing for it.

    For Magdeburg, probably it is not bad to spend another year in the “Regionalliga”. If they can repeat this year’s success, then they are perhaps ready for the 2. Bundesliga but right now I rather doubt it.

    And sorry, I do not have any idea about the name they had before but I know that there was an article about the club on recently, perhaps you can try there…

    Ok, now just a small post and then more tomorrow with a decent Internet access.

    La puce

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