One of this wonderful German words you can translate into English if you absolutely want to but which is so much more beauti- and meaningful in its original language. What does it mean earworm (this is particularly destined to French and English friends)?

An earworm that is when you have a song in mind you have to keep on singing. Your mind is switched to the “Replay” mode if you like the song or not. Of course, the whole story is extremely annoying if you can’t stand a song. I was once in a supermarket in Bonn (already not known for outstanding music) and they played the same sh** song three times (“Tanze Samba mit mir, Samba, Samba die ganze Nacht”). Not only that this is torture but I had the song for four days in mind.

Today, fortunately, it was a song I like which accompanied me throughout the day. I am singing in the office, singing on the bicycle, singing in the elevator, singing, singing, singing. Only appropriate way to work actively against the earworm is to have a look for the lyrics and the chords online and to learn playing it on guitar. Than, usually after two to three weeks, it passes away…


6 responses to “Earworm

  1. Maria Kersten

    Na super.
    Und wie krieg’ ich jetzt diesen Samba-Song wieder aus meinen Ohren?

  2. Gar nicht!


    La puce méchante

  3. Maria Kersten

    Und wie recht du hast…
    Ich werde ihn einfach nicht los…

    Madre mia…ob diese Pein wohl jemals endet?

  4. So in vier bis fĂŒnf Tagen bist du ihn wieder los, den Ohrwurm.

    Sonst einfach ganz viel anderes hören…

    Viel GlĂŒck 😉

  5. it’s exactly the same in French! we say “ver d’oreille”! But I think the original expression is really English, as it is American scientists who’ve first worked on the subject (yes, i really mean work ;-)).
    mine is : jingle bell. makes you sound weird when you’re about to melt because of the heat… 🙂

  6. Why nobody ever told me this expression? Seriously, in the four years I spend in France, I never heard say somebody “J’ai un ver d’oreille”….

    But you are right, an American scientist worked on this. Here is the English wikipedia article, if you are interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earworm

    And “Jingle Bell” is a very nice and embarassing earworm. Especially in summer time!

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