Been too much time in the sun

Love is the triumph of imagination about intelligence.

This is of course not true, at least not in my case. Can’t be. Never. The only excuse for my current state of mind is the weather. 27°C and sun in mid April – can’t be good. I ironed all my summer clothes yesterday – can’t be good. I see things flying others don’t see – well, you know.

Never mind,

la puce


4 responses to “Been too much time in the sun

  1. Love is the triumph of nothing. It is a status. Temporary status. For some it is the same status that a “revolutionnaire” can experience, during the time of the revolution. You don’t live an experience, you are the experience.
    Can be short, intense…unique. Can be.
    and then ? What do you say after you said “bonjour?”
    Then you can go back to intelligence,
    when it’s finished . Or you may ask your intelligence (very big, bright and clear ) or one dedicated EU commission the way for the “never ending revolution” and probably one day or the other you will meet art, creation, colours and the very tiny way to modesty during the time you can breathe smooth spring wind and say thank you to….you don’t know whom you should say thank you ! Go back to work!

  2. Actually, I think that there is a true part in the first statement. Love is a lot about imagination and not all of this is reasonable or intelligent. Love can be beautiful and dangerous. Love is not something rational.

    I don’t say that it is good or bad, I just say that it is not logical. Sometimes you just see it happen while you don’t have a chance to prevent it. It comes to you and takes you over. And then sometimes, you can and regarding to your situation, sometimes you should stay out of the way of love.

    But still, human beings cannot be without love. Probably this is our irrational part and we should be aware of this so that we do not hurt ourselves or others.

  3. …So that we do not hurt ourselves or others…which is probably the essence of respect. And so do I.
    Anyway wish a good cycling in your new Belgian urban jungle, which is appearently a nice place to for ‘la puce’.
    Have a nice week end.

  4. You could also apply the “not hurt ourselves or others” to cycling in Brussels but this leads us to a completely different topic.

    Have a nice weekend too!

    La puce

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