Spring in Paris

 Spending the Easter days in Paris with wonderful weather is:

  • first, to get a rest because I slept three hours in the bus from Brussels to Paris (travel time: four hours)  
  • to sit in the sun and read finally these two books I wanted to read for a long long time (one about music theorie or how to read notes and one which was a gift from a friend November last year)  
  • to be reminded of the city I come from
  • Trackback
  • to visit friends I saw last time two yeas ago
  • to discover new places like the cité internationale universitaire where the different nationalities life in nation houses (like house of Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Spain and much more) which were build in different stiles
  • to sit on a park bench in the sun at 10 in the morning and to watch birds and people
  • Flowers 
  • to stay with a friend I saw last time in 2003
  • to eat a crèpe au chocolat
  • to buy groceries (apple, water, nuts) for 1,82 euro and to have exactly 1,82 euro in your wallet
  • to discover that the museum of modern Art of the city of Paris is for free and to spend there two hours
  • Tour d’Eiffel
  • to go to the market in the morning just for looking at all these cheese, ham and fish stands and to enjoy the good atmosphere while spending more money than I wanted (fruits)
  • to take time, not to hurry, make the moment last…
  • all together a good idea

Happy Easter,

la puce


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