Don’t get it…

Sunday afternoon: I meet with a friend of mine who is passionated about jazz. Since there are several good jazz events for free in the city, we go to on concert place only to find out that it is already overcrowded. We go to another bar and with more luck than planning, we get a really good place.

After 45 minutes of waiting, the concert of a “really good” Polish jazz group starts. My friend who knows jazz is very happy and I am… lost. Every time I go out with friends to a jazz concert, I feel like going home after thirty minutes. I feel somehow strange because there are so many people who go crazy about it. And me? Nothing. It is not even that I do not like jazz, it is just that it leaves me completely unaffected…

Jazz gives me the same feeling as R’n’B and Reggae, it is nice but after thirty minutes, I had enough for a while. Blues, rock, gospel, yeah great, but jazz??? I am really sorry for all those who love jazz but to me it seems to be the same every time…

Actually, I am still hoping to get it one day. It is not very fashionable to say “I don’t like jazz”. Everybody seems to like it… But I do not have much hope.

Never mind,

la puce


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