Word of the week “or” how to get bad habits

Rojak = Rojak Language or Bahasa Rojakis a Malaysian term, literally meaning “mixed-up language” in Malay, to define the practice of code-switches between 2, 3, 4 or more languages in a conversation similar to pidgin, Manglish and Singlish. Reference: Wikipedia

One of the, well, problems I have in Brussels is that I can speak German, French, English and perhaps even improve my Spanish. But then, there are friends who also speak two or three of these languages what leads to the fact that every time I do not find immediately a word in one language I use the other one.

This get’s a real problem when I start sentences in English and finish them in French but with people who cannot follow.

Why do I write this? I like the word “rojak”. It is also a meal (just google it) and the pictures on wiki are looking nice. Yep.


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