In Belgium, foreigners have not only to register within their city area (and within eight working days) but also to apply for a residence permit…

Residence permit??? I am EUROPEAN!! And even better, as German, I am from one of the 15 old European countries, enjoying the free movement of people, capital, goods and so on. I do not need a residence permit. I do not want one. What I want is my freedom of work, of life.

What is making me so upset about this residence permit nonsense is that Brussels in its official welcome papers pretends to be such an open and international and welcoming city. And then??? Residence permit, sure… For five month, hein?

I do not say that the Germans are better, they are probably even worse but they do not pretend to welcome the people… Everybody who comes to Germany knows should know that a lot of administrative trouble is involved in settling down or moving from one place to another (even for Germans) .

All for today, I gonna try to find out where to get this stupid permit and to register… See you in some weeks, perhaps.


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