They are always there when I am looking for a quiet and enjoyable journey. Like Sunday evening in the car from Cologne to Brussels: craptalker

This particular craptalker had one of this unpleasant voices impossible to ignore. He was chatting with two people who were not overly interested in his life (or what he took for it) but to polite to tell him. And since I was sitting too very close, I had the pleasure to listen to his thrilling life account: “sometimes I read in the evenings, sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I meet friends…” And so on…

Some of my favourite travel companions are also very loud groups of hitchhiking teenagers or school classes…
Funny also the old people behind you exchanging every single detail of their recent intestine problems.

In case you are asking, yes, I have earplugs. I NEVER travel without them but sometimes they are just not enough. And in case I dare to listen to my MP3 loud enough in order to drown out all the other sounds, you can be sure that either the craptalker or the old people behind are going to complain.


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