Dangerous minds

Actually, it is my mistake. I had the very bad idea to take the bus in the morning in order to go to work. The functionnaires (and also the stagiaires) of the European Commission can use two bus lines for free. One of them is just a five minutes walk from my place and since it is raining heavily today (as so often), I decided to take the bus. Bad, bad idea.

For the first time here in Belgium I was seriously looking for a security belt (there was none) and watching the cars drive… AHHHHHH, there are crazy!

And the traffic jam is aweful. I mean, from my place to work it takes me 20 minutes on bike, even if I take the long way. The bus took one (in numbers: 1!) hour.

After this, I felt like killing somebody. But don’t worry, my colleagues are still alive.

Have a nice and less rainy day,

la puce


4 responses to “Dangerous minds

  1. Hey… nice stories you have here. It was a good read for a sunday morning !
    Warm greetings from a sunny Grenoble,

  2. Hallo Claudia,

    ich schicke Dir auch Grüße aus dem sonnigen Grenoble. Wir waren heute in Les 2 Alpes Skifahren 😀

  3. Hey you two!!

    Nice hearing from you!!

    @ Ade: Did you see that you are in my blogroll?

    @ Uli: Ja, mach mich nur neidisch!! Aber selbst in Brüssel scheint heute die Sonne!

    Greetings to Grenoble,

    la puce

  4. yep, i did, thanks…
    Jan war auch da diese Woche 🙂

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