Black Beauty

I had already some disappointing rides, turning down the idea of taking a new best friend home.

And than I saw her – perfect, black, perhaps a little bit too tall but still…

The first ride was promising. The movements were so smooth, soft, giving a exciting sensation of speed.

The negociations with her owner were disappointing. He refused to negotiate and to lower the price. Doubt was gaining my mind until I took a second ride and then I knew – she was worth it.

I do not know why my new, black, wonderful bicycle seems to be a “she” to me. But I certainly gonna like it.

Drahtesel = wire donkey = âne de fil de fer (file under: only funny to me)  


2 responses to “Black Beauty

  1. Gratuliere zum neuen Rad! Ich will auch wieder fahren…
    Hast Du eigentlich meine Mail bekommen? Am Freitag fahr ich nach Grenoble. Vielleicht treff ich dort Jan!

  2. Ja, ich habe deine Mail bekommen, irgendwann antworte ich auch “properly” darauf.

    Bestell den Grenoblern schoene Gruesse (italienische Tastatur) von mir.

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