Good news

I! got! a! room! It is ok (not really what I wanted but ok), it is to expensive (I spend the maximum I wanted to spend) and it has a lot of other disadvantages. However: I HAVE A ROOM.

The biggest inconvenience is that the landlord does not want over-night visits so unfortunately, I cannot accommodate all the many few some people friends who want to visit me. But the youth hostel is not bad. Seriously, I spend several nights there…

Compared to most of the other rooms I saw, I still like the one I have now. I mean, I saw rooms which:

  • had only six square meters
  • had no window
  • were in the cellar
  • were in the attic with one window in the roof
  • seemed to be in construction
  • were in the forth floor but the showers were in the entrance level
  • were shabby, old, dirty and so on

Photos as soon as I have my digicam here. And, my new flatmates are going to be Spanish, French, and Italian. I really like that point.


One response to “Good news

  1. Glückwünsch zum neuen Zimmer 😉

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