Media in South Africa

This post is written due to the huge demand (one email).

To make it short: Media and especially TV in South Africa are bad. Like really, really bad. There are four major broadcasts: SABC1, SABC2, SABC3 and, no not 4 but E-news. The best news are from e-news. This is according to a friend of mine because I could only understand the English news and not all the other ones (Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho aso.). These news are ok but made for an average attention margin of not more than one minute. At least, I learned a bit about South African policy, government and the differnt problems like to corruption, bad government and violence. Good news do not seem to exist…

What else? If one is fund of soap operas, South African TV is close to paradise: Bold and beautiful, Young and restless, Backstage, Scandal, Generations and much more are on the air every day. For someone like me who hates soap operas, madness lays in the remote control…

What else? Sport as much as you want: golf, cricket (even the five day matches), soccer, wrestling, rugby, everything, too much.

What else? If you have missed the eighties and nineties when it comes to English/American movies than you have pretty good chances to catch up. I watched some “Denzel Washington” movies even if I missed the one which seems to be THE “DW” film, i.e. “John Q”. I watched some more movies, not always the good ones, but all with the excuse that it would improve my English.

What else? …. Nothing. Happy to be back in Germany, to have my guitar back, to be able to go out whenever I want without needing a bodyguard and to do whatever I want.


2 responses to “Media in South Africa

  1. Danke für die Erläuterung der Medienlandschaft in Südafrika. Im Vergleich dazu wirkt die äußerst mäßige Medienlandschaft in Deutschland ja fast schon paradiesisch. 😉

  2. Ja, vor allem die Zeitungslandschaft. Und beim Fernsehen hat man wenigstens die Wahl, welchen Unsinn man sich angucken möchte. Arte und Konsorten gibt es auch noch… Wenn generell noch einiges mehr im Original mit Untertitel laufen würde, wäre Fernsehen in Deutschland gar nicht so schlecht.

    In meiner WG in Belgien haben wir Kabel und Satellit. Resultat: Jede Menge arabische und jede Menge Sex Sender. Dazu sag ich jetzt aber nichts weiter…

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