Body feeling

There are more than just a few different points between South Africa and Europe and not all of them are in favour of SA. But there is one point which I felt was very interesting and agreeably different: the body feeling.

I speak of women and the way they see themselves. I know more than one (German/French) woman who is not happy about her (perfectly normal) body. Why? Because of advertisement, imagined and real social pressure to be slim and perfect and the own feeling of not being slim/good/intelligent/perfect enough. They are intelligent enough to know that they should not surrender to this pressure but… We know the result.

The body feeling of (black and coloured) South African women is in a sharp contrast with the European one. Even if they are sometimes not happy with their weight, they are just as they are. Dancing on parties, wearing the clothes they like, and probably thinking much less about all this “issue”. It helps of course that most men also prefer if their women are nicely build to put it that way.

During my time in South Africa, I really learned to appreciate this naturalness and self-confidence the women there have and which stands in such a nice contrast to the doubts and the self-flagellating here. Amen.


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