Exactly this

is what I do not like about German winter time: this grey, rainy sky when it never becomes really day during the day time but all you get is this dim unsatisfying light.

I am missing the sunshine. And much more.


It would be interesting to know the English expression for “Selbstmitleid” if there is one…

And yes, I will try to make the next posts more interesting than this one. I just wanted to write something and this grey sky is really getting on my nerves.

Ok, ok, I stop complaining 😉


6 responses to “Exactly this

  1. self-pity…

    And now stop complaining 😉

  2. You are mean!

    But thank you for the information.

    And how would you translate “schmollen”? That is what I am doing now…

  3. My dear, I did not mean it harshly…really, I didnÂŽt…
    So, donÂŽt pout anymore and put on a happy face again.

    Winter wonÂŽt last forever, but in case youÂŽre feeling it would, IÂŽm sending you some sunbeams – and a big hug as well 🙂

  4. Now, I am not sulking anymore but smiling brightly.
    Thank you for the sunbeams and the hug.

    Also a big hug for you!!


  5. “self-pity” is the correct translation for “Selbstmitleid”.

    “to feel sorry for oneself” (sich selbst bemitleiden, vor Selbstmitleid zerfließen 😉 could be used alternatively.

    In addition to sulk or pout “schmollen” can also be translated with “to carry a long face”

  6. Hey, I like this. I don’t even need a dictionary. Just ask your friends…

    Thank you.

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