How to survive 4 hours at London Heathrow with 2.70 pound

Actually, I had six hours to wait for my plane from London to Berlin but since Heathrow is enormours with long long ways to go and since the security checks are ridiculous very long I needed one hour and a half to make my way from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1.

Then, I tried to change some of my remaining SAR (South African Rand) to Pound. Result for 35 SAR, I would have got 45 pence because the fee you pay to change is 1.50 pound… Same result for the 5 Euro I had in my wallet.

As I was unwilling to withdraw money on a cash machine, I decided to survive with the money I had: 2.70 pound.

First, I used Internet for 50 pence the 7 minutes and fortunately I found 10 pence which allowed me to pay a tea (1.60) and a newspaper (The Independent, 70 pence). I spend the rest of my time reading, trying to figure out the advanced Sudoku and to wait for my flight.

And I was so happy to arrive in Hermsdorf (aka end of the world) exactly 24 hours after I left my host family in Gugulethu…


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