this evening…

Yes, the day has come – I am going home. My visa is expiring today at midnight and since a lot of work and even more people are waiting for me to come home, I will leave South Africa at 8:50 pm. At least, if the plane is on time.

I have the very same feeling I got when I came to South Africa. I prepared everything, the luggage, the visa, accommodation and so on but I never had the feeling that I am actually going.

Today, my luggage is more or less ready but I cannot believe that I am leaving. Can you imagine while you walking in the sun (30°C) that not even 24 hours later you will have something like 4° and snow??? I mean, Friday, I was on the beach…

Ok, I should stop complaining because I cannot change it and also because I am happy to come home.

There is still a lot to say about South Africa and some posts to write. And if everything goes the way I want it, I will discover the strange and far kingdom of Belgium starting from the 1st of March… What adventures will I experience there?

View from Table Mountain

View over False Bay

Cable Car

South Africa – I will miss you!


2 responses to “Flying

  1. I hope your flight went well… and don’t forget the kingdom of Belgium is close from the country of frogs… and a lot of us look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Flight went very well – I arrived safely at home exactly 24 hours after leaving my host family in Gugulethu.
    AND, I know that from Brussels it is just one hour to Paris and four to Grenoble. That was one of the reasons to go for the internship…
    See you soon!!!

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