Saturday, I visited the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. Nice experience teaching me a lot about fish, algae and all the other stuff what swims in the oceans. Let me share my newly gained knowledge:

Did you know that Eagle rays seen from down seem to smile. It is sooo cute. And, I made a photo, publishing date in probably two weeks.

Did you know that baby sharks look exactly like adult sharks, only smaller? They have already a lot of teeth and they look somehow mean. We are used to see baby animals as sweet or cute but this seems to apply only to mammals.

Did you know that Giant spider crabs are really giants growing up to have a diameter of 4 meters? I wonder what they taste like;

Did you know that fishes never stop growing their entire lifetime? They only grow slower when they are getting older. And Nemo fishes are smaller than I thought. Hollywood is not a reliable source of knowledge…

Did you know what algae, sponge, Kelp, anemones, star fish and sea urchins feel like? No? Me too, I had no idea. In the Aquarium, they have a genius invention: a Touch pool where you can touch all this stuff. Yes, real touching in a museum. Since I am a one of these people loving to touch, smell or taste, this was definitely one of my favourites.

Did you know that seals and penguins are stinking? Probably yes. But at least the penguins are moving, fighting and busy while the seals are just laying lazily in the sun…

What else? I spend a lot of time watching the sharks, other fishes and the turtle (one poor, lonely turtle) in the huge predator tank.

Only problem: now that I have seen very closely what a shark’s teeth look like, I wonder if the idea to spend my last week here surfing was such a good one. False Bay, where I want to go to, is one of the best spots in the world to see the Great White Shark. On the other hand, I learned in the aquarium, that sharks have killed only 9 people during the last year, but more than 300 by defect toasters… I think, I gonna take the risk.

Oh, and for dinner, we had fish, of course 😉


One response to “Fish

  1. sharks are attracted by blood ; just don’ t hurt yourself with your surf 😉 and you’ll come back safe to Bruxelles.

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