Just thinking

I was wondering if the idea to prefer English instead of German to write this blog was really such a good one. If I wrote in German, I could express all this weird stuff in my mind so much better, easier, perhaps even funnier.

But then again, I became aware of the fact that I read only German blogs. And, I am clearly influenced by their style, something I notice while writing mails. So I would write more in somebody else’s style instead of finding my own one.

Furthermore, I remember when I was in France, I easily adapted the style of the book I was currently reading in writing and even speaking. That is quite funny confusing when you read Serge “Le petit Nicolas” and Françoise Sagan “Bonjour tristesse” at the same time.

I will stick to English for a while, developping my own style, improving my English writting skills, and yeah, gonna see


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