I am trying to figure this out since a while and I feel slightly stupid asking this question but I really want to know. So here we go:

The sunrise is in the East and the sunset is in the West, worldwide. So far, so good.

But, is the sun by noon standing in the North in South Africa? The tropic of Capricorn (südlicher Wendekreis, tropique du Capricorne) is north of South Africa, so it should be. But that means that the sun is never in the south as in Europe and an old children poem supposed to be a mnemonic (Eselsbrücke, mnémotechnique)  for sunrise and sunset is useless…

Anybody not confused now? Anybody who cares?


2 responses to “Question

  1. are you really that bored? 😉 I’m not too keen on astronomy, I’m afraid I can’t help you. should be on your to solve problems before dying (like does a mille pattes – don’t know the English word have 1000 feet)

  2. Actually, this is a typical question for me. Just popping up in my mind and making me wonder where it comes from and, of course, what the answer is.
    It is not THAT important but I like it that my mind seems to work independently from me. If this makes sense…

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