1. When you get up at 6 o’clock and go out of the house at 7, then you can be on the top of Lion’s Head at quarter to 9. You can then walk over to Signal Hill, have pick-nick there and ask a nice couple to give you a lift to town. If you follow this instructions, you can be back at the starting point at 1 pm, and still have half a day for whatever you want to do…

2. There are only 4.729 million telephone main lines registered in South Africa (1 per 10 inhabitants) but 33.96 million cellphones (2 out of 3 inhabitants). More stats from this side

3. Picture of the day (actually: yesterday) and for people with a very powerful imagination: a very old and very short lady driving a huge, old, green Mercedes taking as much time as she needs to cross an intersection. New experience: Taxi drivers using their brakes and making place for the lady.

4. I love the spelling check tool from wordpress.

5. Ndiyakuthanda – I love you in isiXhosa (and yes, it in only one word, that is one of the reasons why I have so many problems to learn this language)


2 responses to “Divers

  1. Praise God u still alive. U must have an angel watching ova u.Yak offal..that horrible meat.why choosing living in Gugs or is it Nyanga…Nice shack pics..

  2. The thing is: I didn’t choose living in Gugulethu. I didn’t know anything about townships, shacks or South Africa in general. But when living there, you realise that a township is actually like a town; you have ‘good’ areas – like Tambo Village where I lived – and ‘bad’ areas without running water, electricity or roads. I stayed a weekend with friends in Kayelitja – one of the poorest and biggest townships – in a perfectly save sub-urban like area. But I have also see the rubbish collectors a few miles further down the roads…

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