Sailing on the seven seas of _____

I was sailing yesterday with the Royal Cape Yacht Club.

My efforts to understand and to remember all this sailing vocabulary were not very successful but I know now that board is left and starboard is right. Why can I remember this in English while I always failed to memorize it in German?

However, I was more busy with watching the see and the sun and not getting wet when the yacht was leaning extremely to one side.

I was seriously thinking about how to react if I fall in the water until I remembered my life guard lessons. Shoes of and than swimming with clothes. It’s not that difficult. Only problem: the water on that side of Cape Town is freezing cold.

Unfortunately, you won’t see any photos before my return to good old Europe and the yacht I sailed on has no name. hmpf.

Thanks to the great crew: Tom, Glen, Cameron, and Christine. I was not a great help and the best I could do was to stay out of the way. What I did satisfyingly, at least according to my knowledge. 😉

It was great!


2 responses to “Sailing on the seven seas of _____

  1. it seems so great … I’m looking forward to seeing your photographs! don’t forget to bring them to France!

  2. I promise, I’ll bring the photographs to France!! I was sailing again this week and it was even better because I felt much more comfortable on the yacht even if the wind was stronger (60km/h), ahahahah

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