I was seriously considering to write this post in French but since I made myself a promise to write this blog in English at least as long as I am in SA, well, here we go.

Freundschaft, friendship, amitié – I am still trying to figure out what the bases are. How do we come to make friends – common interests, common humor, common tastes for cinema, food or books? I guess so. Talking and discovering that your discussion partner is neither annoying you, boring you or making you aggressive but that you are truly interested in his/her points of view, life experiences, histories, and so on. There is not even a need to agree, to have the same point of view because the exchange of arguments is self-sufficiently interesting…

But why is there that feeling of lost, of being left behind when good friends leave (leave in the sens of moving to another place, in the sens of not seeing them again for what will be probably years)… Why can’t I just led them go, being thankful for the time we had?

What is it that makes someone becoming an important person in our life. Why do we fell that something is missing if we haven’t seen this or that person for a week/a day/a month?

But then again, emails and letters from friends can be a source of great pleasure. When you fell that you keep in touch or that a friendship is maintained through writing even after years, it touches my heart…

The best friend I found here in SA will leave on Friday. With some chances, I will see him again in January 2008, no garanty. Will we be able to maintain the friendship through emails and occasional phone calls? I do not know, I can only hope.


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