Hiking Table Mountain on a 6th of January

Start: Get up at 6 o’clock in the morning

Necessary items: 2 chips packets, 4 cereal bars, 2 bananas, 1 liter water, sun-creme

Forgotten items: Hat, hiking shoes

Unnecessary items: Towel, skirt, bikini, several books

The hike: Meet the friend your are hiking with at 7 at the meeting point. Take a taxi to the lower Cable Car station, ask for your way in the shop which is just opening. Follow the instructions and then: keep on walking. You are up for a two hours up only climb. Breath, drink, make breaks, enjoy the superb view. Enjoy the rain too when the clouds are coming down because they are so nice and cool. No joke.

On the top: Enjoy the nice cool rain. Walk in the opposite direction of the Upper Cable car station. Walk one hour without seeing anything than clouds, plants, more plants and clouds. Feel great when realising that the rocks you are standing on are Table Mountain. You are on top of it! Walking to the Upper Cable car station, try to get dry because the rain was a kind of shower, eat everything you have not eaten until now, taking the Cable car down.

Result: Feel great but a little bit tired. Go through the city and enjoy the clowns with their music.

Perfect day!!!!


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