Hollywood is calling

Today’s exercise: Pitch your idea for a new film to Hollywood studio executives. Any genre you like.

Chosen title: To the moon

Settings: Nice house in one of this “clean”, unrecognisable suburbs. Family with two kids – a five year old girl and a mean 10 year old boy, a turtle and a cat. In the house lives also a mouse family with six little mice. In two weeks, the ‘human’ family will have a huge big party and so they buy a lot of groceries. Among others there bought a cheese wheel which is now standing on the highest kitchen board.

Action: The mouse father dreams to go to the cheese moon. But:
1st problem: The moon is far away, the mouse has to cross the launch, than go through the kitchen and to climb the highest kitchen board.
2nd problem: The mean little boy who puts traps for the mice and puts sometimes the turtle into a box so that it cannot escape.
3rd problem: Obviously, the cat.

Happening: Several unsuccessful tries with a lot of running, pursuing and escapes in the last second. The cat and the boy are on team, the girl, the turtle and the mice the other. The last evening before the party, the turtle is distracting the boy and the cat while the girl helps the mouse family to get to the moon using a fishing pole and a small plastic cube.

Last picture:A half moon shining through the kitchen window on a cheesy half moon.

Anybody an idea how much I could take for this script? Just in case…


One response to “Hollywood is calling

  1. Well, if garfield plays the cat and Paris Hilton the 5-year-old girl (which seems to be her mental age), I guess you could obtain a lot of money. all that you need is famous names (and a good impresario – I can do that ;-))

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