1. Every time I want to write this word: Miscellaneous, I have to look in the dictionary
  2. WordPress has now over 526 thousand blogs and is still growing. My blog is number 503 thousand and something. Is there a way to find out the precise number?
  3. I like the password I got automatically from wordpress
  4. Patience I have with slowly loading Internet pages: none
  5. Time zones in South Africa: One
  6. Problem with only one time zone in SA: The sunset at Jo’Burg is around 6 pm in summer time. Cape Town: around 8 pm
  7. Most popular South African football teams (after what I’ve been told):
    1. Kaizer Chiefs
    2. Orlando Pirates
    3. Mamelodi Sundowns

If you say that this is “n’importe quoi” you are right.


4 responses to “Miscellaneous

  1. Was Frage 2 betrifft: Du koenntest die Nummer 577027 zu haben. Zumindest steht das so ganz am Ende des Quellcodes der HTML-Datei. Wie sich die Abweichung zu den von Dir angesprochenen Zahlen mit 526.xxx und 503.xxx ergibt, ist mir allerdings nicht ganz klar.Vielleicht sind die 526.xxx die Anzahl der noch (mehr oder weniger) aktiven Blogs und die Differenz von 50.000 ergibt sich durch die Anzahl der im Laufe der Zeit geloeschten Blogs?

  2. Kann man die Responses hier auch editieren? Ich würde gerne das dazwischen gerutschte “zu” im ersten Satz editieren. 😉

  3. it seems that I will have to improve my understanding of German if I want to understand the comments your friends leave! am I the only French person to write down here?
    anyway your note is typically the kind of “n’importe quoi” that I like to read… 😉

  4. I just tried to tell her, that the precise number of her blog could be 577027 (in my opinion), because this number can be found at the end of the source code of the blog. I also told her, that the discrepancy between the aforementioned numbers 526.xxx, 503.xxx and the actual number probably goes back to the way they count the blogs (it’s possible that they do not differentiate between active blogs and those, which were already deleted in the past). But there could be other explanations for the difference between the numbers (e.g. different domains owned by the company which operates the wordpress.com website).

    Despite the fact that the topic of my post wasn‘t of utmost importance (as everyone who’s not capable of ready the german language may recognize now ;-), I’m going to write in English from now on to simplify the communication 😉

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