Time, meetings and coming soon

Time and the way people see time is quite different in South Africa and especially German. Most French people are more relaxed when it comes to punctuality or better not being on time and fortunately, I had four years in France to adapt to this way of life. In South Africa time has a different meaning:

I’m coming right now = Can mean anything between the next ten minutes and the next two hours
It will only take 5 minutes = At least one hour, probably more
I will see you in the afternoon = Something between 3 pm and 8 pm

Meetings = A delai of 1 up to 30 minutes is not unusual but not always well seen

Opening hours of shops = Inexorably respected. Closing at5 pm means closing at 5 pm.

Attention: You cannot generalize (as always). There are also people being on time worse than Germans, something like 20 minutes to early… And, by the way, I also had friends in France who were just arriving on time. 😉


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