Cricket – even if nobody asked me

Cricket is without doubt a very interesting sport. I just do not understand it. And, to be honest, I never tried seriously. The one and only time I had to watch a part of a cricket game, I survived 5 of the 20 minutes the video run. I thought afterwards that my English teacher who gave us as homework to watch this game was slightly sadistic.

However, discovering South Africa involves some serious discussions about sport in general and Cricket in special. I have to admit that my knowledge of Cricket is close to zero and so I tried to find out more. Reading the Wikipedia article – not successful, discussion with frieds – endangering friendship, watching TV – see first part of this post.

Until I can attend a real game and think about changing my point of view, I will stick to my present opinion:

  • The players don’t move very often
  • Cricket is a game played dominantely in former British colonies
  • Germany is not a Cricket nation (what a statement)
  • Rugby is more fun and Football (the European one, of course!) is great, yeah!!!

Last but not least, I advice everybody who wants to know more about Cricket to read the certainly excellent article from Wikipedia. The map shows the ICC (International Cricket Council) members. My interpretation:

  • Orange: Cricket nation
  • Green: Heard-about-Cricket nation
  • Violet: What? Isn’t cricket a kind of insect?

World Cricket Map

Note: Please refer to the “Personal Do and Don’t in SA” to know what not to say when it comes to discuss Cricket with friends.

Note2: If you ever may feel offended by this article because you are the greatest Cricket fan on earth, well, then you are welcome to explain Cricket to me one of the 25550 days I still want to life.


One response to “Cricket – even if nobody asked me

  1. already spent three hours trying to understand this game for an English homework at sciences-po! and say most of the things you should not say about cricket to an English person 😉

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